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CSR Policy

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), is something we take seriously here at Employment Solutions.

It’s how we operate and how that impacts on the society and the environment around us. From how we treat people on a daily basis, from all walks of life and backgrounds to the suppliers we use; our policies; and our business relationships.

Having a reliable CSR for us helps to attract the best people to our company. Our people are our most significant assets, without them, we don't operate. And that mindset extends to every client, supplier, and individual we have the pleasure to deal with on a regular basis.

We like to split our CSR into four categories for simplicity:

External partnerships – we have a responsibility to our clients, candidates, suppliers, and partners as a specialist engineering and recruitment company.  How we do business and operate on a daily basis - with honesty, integrity, and always with an open mind. 

Environment – doing all we can to reduce our impact on the environment. Waste management, recycling of our print toners, and reducing Co2 emissions by encouraging staff to take the tram and train, and just a few examples. (See our Environmental Policy).

  • We promote a purchasing policy that will give preference, as far as practicable, to those products and services which cause the least harm to the environment.
  • We order wisely to ensure the least amount of visits to our office, to reduce emissions.
  • We avoid wherever practical the use of environmentally damaging substances, materials, and processes.
  • We ensure all confidential waste is shredded and removed on a regular basis.
  • We encourage car sharing with our staff, to reduce traffic congestion and Co2 emissions.

Workplace - to be highly regarded by every one of our team. Training, social events, and big rewards are a frequent occurrences here. We treat all employees with dignity and respect and are committed to providing opportunities for all employees to succeed.

  • Our office is accessible and inclusive for those with disabilities or special needs.
  • Our office is open plan, airy and encourages staff interaction.
  • We undertake regular risk assessments to ensure a healthy and safe environment for our candidates, employees, visitors, and contractors.
  • Our equipment is regularly PAT tested.

Community – ensuring that our office is available as an active partner in the town, sponsoring local events and supporting charity where we can. We actively boost employment in the local area through our roles or the candidates we place in local businesses. 

The Future

Employment Solutions will review this document annually and consult employees to evaluate this strategy and update and improve our policies on an ongoing basis.

Download this policy as a PDF

Dated: May 2018