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The UK's defence sector industry is worth an estimated £35bn and as a nation, we are the second largest exporter of defence equipment in the world after the United States. British defence industry now accounts for 22% of the global defence export market and there are now more small and medium-sized companies operating in the UK's defence manufacturing sector than comparable business in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Norway combined. Well over 300,000 highly skilled, educated, flexible people are employed in this industry, employing a wide spectrum of skills in high value, high tech jobs.

Employment Solutions represents a range of companies in the UK defence sector, from niche specialist developers to direct MOD manufacturers. We have a long and successful track record of supplying, Mechanical Engineers, Software Engineers, Electronic Engineers and Project Managers to UK manufacturing companies. Our specialist team has long-standing relationships with high profile clients through supplying workforce solutions. Our established .

Employment Solutions are first class, they make the process of recruiting straightforward as have consistently offered high calibre candidates no matter the job role.

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