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UK manufacturing is very much alive and well; ranking high in global output, it makes up almost half of UK exports, employs over 2.5 million people, and accounts for around 72% of UK business R&D. The turnover of UK engineering enterprises is substantial, £1.06 trillion in the year ending March 2011. This represented 23.9% of the turnover of all UK enterprises, making the engineering sector over three times the size of retail.

The sector employs 5.4 million people across 542,440 engineering companies. Far from a manufacturing decline, output rose by 148% from 1948 to 2011 and is more valuable to the UK than ever.

The UK is currently acknowledged as a world leader in several sectors: and we have a powerful SME sector which employs 42% of the UK workforce, represents 99.9% of all enterprises and makes a significant contribution to the economy at £1.5 trillion turnover.

Engineering is central to ensuring sustainable economic growth in the UK and making sure the country remains competitive in the global economy.