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Recruitment is only part of your expansion project

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We've come off the back of an uncertain BREXIT Vote, and we've been riding challenging and ever-changing circumstances during COVID. As of March, the tables seemed to turn on the UK Engineering and Manufacturing markets.

The industry has gone from a steady number of projects to very few, and then BANG, it's gone into overdrive. 

Somewhere between stalled projects, infrastructure requirements and new ideas for a changing world, plus the tax break announced by the government earlier in the year against new machinery, the industry has ignited into action, and the skill shortages are there to be seen.

So you set out, embarking on something you've not done in ages. MASS RECRUITMENT. Music to our ears as a recruitment business! And employing new staff is great, bringing in fresh ideas and energy. It can really reinvigorate a businesses culture if done properly.

But everyone else is doing it too, and they're targeting your staff. Are you doing enough for them to make sure they don't jump ship?

If you're an expanding company going through the recruitment process, it's critical that you still look after your existing staff to make sure you don't lose them. Not only could you lose numbers in your team, but you could also be losing the expertise, knowledge and loyalty they have shown you throughout a difficult time.

So what do your employees want?

According to Forbes Magazine, employees feel engaged in their business if their employer follows the roadmap below.

  • Create a company vision
  • Show recognition
  • Express gratitude
  • Let employees know how their job impacts the company and its clients
  • Frequently discuss the meaning and value of the company
  • Share customer success stories
  • Ditch tunnel vision and focus on the bigger picture

(This is where your EVP comes into play - read more here) 

What about benefits in house? Perkbox surveyed over 1500 workers and found employees who were happier in their role had the below benefits.

  • Employee Discounts – 52%
  • Greater recognition – 42%
  • Unlimited/Greater Holiday allowance – 41%
  • At Home entertainment – 40%
  • Allowed to always work from home – 38%
  • Free Breakfast/Lunch – 33%
  • Present on your birthday – 26%
  • Subsidised gym membership – 24%
  • Learning & Development budget/tools – 21%

Of course, each perk costs the company money and is never guaranteed to keep everyone satisfied. So why not take a poll of your employees and see what would make them happier at work? It might be something completely different. After all, not every worker wants a foosball table in the corner next to the beanbags.

So make your life easier, and make sure that you look after your existing staff. This way, you ensure that you retain a solid core of knowledge, ability and culture to build on, so any new recruits settle in much quicker. 

Make this easier still by using the Number One recruitment firm for engineering and manufacturing according to TrustPilot to help your business grow!

If you are looking to recruit please get in touch today either by calling on 0161 839 5353 or by completing the form below.

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