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Creating a bulletproof employee value proposition

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Your EVP is your Employee Value Proposition. It's the unique set of benefits that your employees receive in return for offering their skills and experience to your business.

Your EVP is what your company stands for and what makes your business unique. It's the sum of all the reasons that your people are proud and motivated to work there. This can be your company's vision, values or distinctive culture. 

It is crucial to make sure that your EVP is unique, relevant and exciting. Developing an employee value proposition that is compelling and robust will help you retain top performers and help attract top-notch external talent.

developing an employee value proposition isn't easy but here are some tips to get you started.

Understand how your business is perceived

Building your company culture as part of your EVP shouldn't solely come from the business leaders. This should come from everyone, including your team. They live and breathe your company and its values and will be able to help build your culture from the ground up.

To creating an employee value proposition, you need to understand how your existing staff and potential hires see your business. And how they perceive your company brand and culture.

Think about things such as;

  • Why are people attracted to work for you?
  • Why do your current team think your company is unique?
  • What do they value the most about working there?
  • Why do your staff stay?
  • Why do staff leave?

You could gather this information through surveys, group discussions, interviews with new hires and exit interviews with leavers.

What are your key selling points?

When you come to review the data that you have amassed when creating your employee value proposition, make sure that the team doing so represents a substantial cross-section of your business, this will help you determine what is valued the most.

Defining your employer brand clearly within your EVP will show clearly what your business embodies and how any new potential hires values might fit in with the organisation. Use this to draft your EVP and consider questions like;

  • Does it fit within your businesses objectives?
  • Does it make your company different from everyone else?
  • Does it show what it's like to work at your company?
  • Is it inspiring?
  • Does it appeal to different groups?

Work with your existing team to see if your EVP resonates with them, draft in some people from the external market (LinkedIn would be great for this) to see if it would attract them to come and join your business.

Shout about it!

Once you have defined your EVP, it's time to tell people about it. Find creative ways to communicate it to the audience that you are trying to attract. Get it on all of your hiring channels such as your website, social media feeds, advertising and in the interview process. All of these will give any potential hires a feeling of whether they would be a good fit for your business or not.

Making sure that you are continuously talking about your EVP on your social feeds, website, or any PR is an excellent way of also attracting passive candidates to your business.

Get everyone on board!

Your existing employees are your biggest and most potent source of advertising and will play a key role in helping you attract talent to your business. They should be brand ambassadors, but to achieve this, they should see the harmony between the image being sold externally and the day-to-day reality of working with your company. 

Make sure that the EVP is intertwined into everything from your induction plans, reward programs, internal comms policies and business plans so that it is apparent in all of your daily business operations.

Review your EVP annually to make sure that it consistently reflects your company's employee experience.

If your EVP is rock solid from top to bottom, candidates will be fighting for a chance to join your organisation. 

Have you got a rock-solid EVP but no time to hire? Or maybe you're not keen/don't have the time to run a recruitment campaign and would like our help?

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