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Will you be taking your dog to work today?

Barnie and Daisy

It's National Bring Your Dog to work day today.  The one day a year when it is ok to take your four-legged friend to the office to help the day pass much quicker than usual. Who can resist a wagging tail or a face that is just always pleased to see you - probably a better reception than from some of your work colleagues!

Friday 22nd June 2018, sees many employers across the UK welcome their canine friends into the workplace all in the name of charity. It’s the fifth national event of its kind organised by HOWND®.

We couldn't let the day go by as there are many dog lovers here at Employment Solutions including our MD - Carolyn Frodsham, who has two dogs, Zac and new puppy Gus (pictured below).  Zac has visited our office on many occasions and felt utterly at home.


Neil, our Director enjoys spending time with his dogs Bobby and George (pictured below with their mate Alfie), who help him to reduce the stresses of working in recruitment. It's a fast-paced role after all.

David, our Operations Manager, has Barnie and Daisy, who are proudly featured in our header image and below. They love going on long walks at the weekend and then chilling out at home. 










Sam, our Account Specialist, is the proud owner of Ghost - a young and bouncy Husky. Ghost loves his trips away (currently on holiday in Bowness) and enjoys his days at doggy daycare when Sam is here in the office.

Ghost enjoys a break in Bowness

This year the event will be raising money for the charity All Dogs Matter who look at rehoming dogs in need across London and Norfolk.  There are of course many other local charities that can always benefit from a donation.

Aside from raising money for dogs in need, the health benefits of owning a dog or any pet are evident. Keeping active is the obvious one, but pets are also known to boost your mood, relieve stress and help kids with fewer allergies amongst other things. 

I read the blog post: 6 Reasons Why Owning A Dog Is Good For Your Health which explains more, but I'm sure there are more than six!!

Will you be taking your dog to work today? *

* It's always best to check with your boss first