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Hitting the ground running at Employment Solutions


Introducing Mark Dorey - Technical Division Team Leader

Having spent a decade within one recruitment company, specialising in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Recruitment, starting a new phase at Employment Solutions could easily have been a bit of a culture shock.  But, times change, and so do job roles, it was time to take the plunge and move on.  However, after ten years in one position, I was keen yet a little apprehensive to see how I would fit within a new culture

I didn't need to worry.

Recruitment never changes. There are different candidates and clients, and the key to being successful in this role is empathy and understanding of their circumstances and motives. The processes are simple, and the tools at Employment Solutions have allowed me to keep it that way. With an up to date large database of candidates, coupled with a broad range of clients within the Energy, Manufacturing and Chemical industries, things are looking good.  Alongside a willing and driven team, and a telephone of course - the instruments are all there to be successful.

I have felt welcomed by everyone throughout the company from the instant I arrived, and within the first couple of weeks, I had gotten to grips with the business and its processes. One of the things that first struck me was the amount of autonomy in the role and the level of maturity expected across the whole office. There are annual goals and checkpoints along the way, but the blueprint mostly belongs to me and how I feel is best to progress. 

The first significant challenge for me and Employment Solutions since my arrival was the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  With a comprehensive Data Protection Policy already in place already, a couple of tweaks and updates were required to make sure we met all requirements. I was fortunate enough to participate in discussions and help with the management decisions that led to the final policy and procedures.

It's not all policy and procedures as I joined at the end of the financial year, I had the opportunity to go along to the AGM - a first for me as not many places do this. The AGM, held at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Manchester provided an opportunity to give the team a breakdown of how the company has performed in the last twelve months and plans for the future of the business. What an excellent insight into how the company operates!

Beyond the office

Alongside the formalities, prizes were handed out to some employees, including the top biller (one I am working towards for next year). Celebrations continued, and the whole team participated in some fine dining - a 3-course meal at the Bar & Grill, where we made as much use of the Bar as we did the Grill!

Having just recovered from that, I was also invited to the team building weekend, a couple of days in 25-degree heat in the Lake District. Staying in a fantastic Spa hotel overlooking Grassmere, some outdoor activities were on the cards. Firstly, the team was off quad biking, driving around all-terrain spending more time trying not to hit sheep than was probably necessary. Then the competitive side came out with clay pigeon shooting and paintballing finishing off the afternoon. Far from disgracing myself with my marksmanship, there were plenty of reasons to be in high spirits, mainly as a couple of talented members of our team got the guitars out in the bar. We all joined in for a good old fashioned sing song in the lounge, recruiting some more hotel guests (we are great at recruitment) as the bar ran out of whiskey! 


Talk to me

Back to the grindstone, I’m now firmly in the office and focus on making a career for myself at Employment Solutions. I run our White-Collar Division, so I get involved in Design Engineering and Project Management across Electronic, Electrical, and Mechanical backgrounds, while working with a team who work within Quality, Manufacturing, Biotech and Pharmaceutical vacancies.

I hope this has given an insight into how things work around here.  It's a work hard, play hard kind of culture, but the results speak for themselves.  While this was a bold move for me, I do not regret the choice to move to Employment Solutions. 

You might also be interested to hear; we do have roles available within the company.  We are always seeking new and enthusiastic people to join our team. Don't hesitate to make that move.