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Building a More Resilient Food and Beverage Manufacturing Sector

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The UK food and beverage manufacturing sector has faced challenges like COVID-19 and Brexit, highlighting the need for agility and resilience. To strengthen the sector, focus is needed on securing reliable goods, reducing external dependencies, and fostering innovation.

Reducing Food and Beverage Waste Through Smart Labelling

Food waste is a major issue, with the UK discarding 9.52 million tonnes annually. The SecQuAL consortium, including LRQA, PragmatIC Semiconductor, RSK ADAS, and IBM, tackles this by creating smart labels with microsensors that detect meat freshness and communicate via phone apps. These labels help consumers make informed decisions, improve stock rotation, extend shelf life, and enhance supply chain efficiency.

AI Managing Supply Chain Disruption

Supply chain disruptions pose challenges for procurement managers. Kavida’s Agent PO solution, supported by the Made Smarter Innovation Digital Supply Chain Hub, uses AI to automate order management, reducing inventory delays and speeding up invoicing. This centralised system ensures a smoother, more resilient supply chain.

Transforming Inventory Control and Supply Chain Management in Smart Factories

Human intervention in manufacturing is being reduced through digital technology and internet-based innovations. A partnership involving the University of Northumbria, NBT Group, and Senseye, supported by substantial funding, aims to automate inventory control and supply chain management in smart factories, enhancing efficiency and resilience.

The Role of Employment Solutions in Strengthening the Sector

A skilled, adaptable workforce is crucial for the sector’s technological advancements. Employment Solutions bridges the gap between innovation and talent, specialising in engineering and manufacturing. We provide top-tier talent skilled in digital technology, modern manufacturing processes, and project management. Our customised strategies ensure businesses have the right people at the right time, supporting growth and resilience.

A Future of Resilience and Innovation

Initiatives like Made Smarter Innovation are paving the way for solutions to address vulnerabilities in the manufacturing sector. Intelligent food labelling, AI-powered supply chain tools, and automated inventory controls are examples of how innovation can fortify the industry.

Continued investment in research and development is essential. Collaboration between industry leaders, academic institutions, and government bodies can accelerate progress, ensuring the UK manufacturing sector not only tackles future challenges but thrives globally.

At Employment Solutions, we're committed to supporting this journey towards resilience and innovation. Let’s work together to secure a robust future for the food and beverage manufacturing sector.