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Why AI and Technology can't compete with the Experts. The human touch still reigns supreme

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An interesting article from HR Magazine earlier this week ( explores how the rise of AI and automated processes in recruitment has led to a loss of personal touch. It discusses the drawbacks of relying heavily on technology, such as missing out on nuanced candidate qualities, "cultural fit," and reducing human interaction. The article argues that while technology can increase efficiency, it cannot replace the value of personal relationships and insights provided by human recruiters, which are crucial for making the best hiring decisions.

We couldn't agree more. Though we've invested heavily in our "tech stack" and have industry-leading systems in place, you can't ever replace experience or expertise with AI or technology. That's it!

Imagine missing that crucial piece of information on a candidate's CV because the algorithm didn't pick up that they have the genius qualities of Steve Jobs, or that because they like different social activities to the norm, that elevates their thinking to the level of Stephen Hawking. AI and algorithms can't pick that kind of information from a CV, and some of these softer skills and personality traits can't be read by a piece of code—but they can in a phone call or conversation, and they can be picked up by an expert in their field, who can match the client's needs with the candidate's skills, experience, and personality.

That's where we, unlike some of our counterparts, are different. Just have a look at our 4.9 rating on TrustPilot and see what our candidates say about our expert consultants—and then try and find another agency specialising in our sector, with the same results. It might take you a while to find a reasonable comparison.

At Employment Solutions, we believe that personal expert consultants offer a far better approach, particularly in highly regulated and niche markets like engineering, manufacturing, nuclear, and defence. Our consultants ensure cultural fit, crucial for teamwork and efficiency, is at the forefront of the search. "Will they like the working environment?" "Will they fit in with the team we've already placed with the client?" These are the types of questions we like to ask. Unlike automated systems, our consultants consider the unique stories and motivations of candidates, developing genuine connections and long-term success. This personalised approach is invaluable, ensuring both client and candidate satisfaction in ways technology simply cannot replicate.

But how do we do it?

Expert Consultants and Genuine Connections

Our consultants are specialists with deep industry knowledge. With more than 20 years in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, we think we know a bit about the sectors and the people in them. Our consultants go beyond CVs, understanding the unique stories and skills of each candidate and why they would be good for the role and how they would fit with the client, their teams, and their environment. This expertise ensures perfect matches based on cultural fit and personal motivations every time.

Personal Interaction and Feedback

We prioritise open communication and timely feedback, making candidates feel valued and supported throughout the process. This personal touch is often lost in tech-heavy recruitment and is one of the reasons we're so highly regarded by our candidates, as shown by our Trustpilot feedback. If you want to have a look, visit Trustpilot (

Long-Term Success

Our focus is on creating long-term success for both clients and candidates, which is why we're still working with companies that we started with back at the beginning of the century (how old does that sound, by the way). By understanding specific needs on both sides, we ensure sustainable and beneficial matches, unlike the transient results from automated systems. We also ensure that we keep track of our candidates, their experiences, and how well they get on, which has seen some go from shop floor to top floor, because we used our expertise, knowledge, and understanding to see beyond the CV alone.

Commitment to Excellence

Our team's dedication to delivering the highest quality service ensures that clients and candidates receive unparalleled support. With Employment Solutions, one of our core business values is Excellence, so clients and candidates both know that they are partnering with an agency committed to success, combining the efficiency of technology with invaluable human insight and knowledge.

This article highlights that technology can increase efficiency and there is no doubt it can, but with challenging market conditions, skilled labour shortages, supply chain disruption, and retention issues, there are some issues it has no experience with because it hasn't "lived" through it and "experienced" the personal impact. The current issues in the industry might strike the fear of God into some agencies who don't have the breadth and depth of experience or if they are looking for AI to find the solution. With over 20 years of experience, numerous downturns in the market, multiple recessions, and a pandemic, wouldn't you rather put your faith and trust in a recruitment agency whose expertise and resilience have stood the test of time?

In summary, Employment Solutions stands out by offering a recruitment experience that prioritises people, leveraging specialist expertise to add significant value and ensuring success in highly regulated sectors.