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Navigating Political Shifts: Employment Solutions view on the upcoming election

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​The UK engineering industry has faced significant changes over the past decade, impacting employment trends nationwide. While the number of employees in engineering has seen growth in the last 10 years, recently it has seen a decline, reflecting broader economic challenges. The industry's landscape has shifted, with a decrease in traditional manufacturing and construction roles and an increase in positions within the information, communication, and professional services sectors.

Additionally, there has been a geographical shift in sector employment, with London and the East of England seeing growth, while traditional strongholds in the Midlands and the North have experienced declines.

These industry trends set some context for the sector in the current political manifestos, which propose various strategies to address employment challenges.

Understanding the Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democrat plans can help us gauge how these policies might shape the future of engineering and manufacturing employment and give us some insight into what can be expected from each party after the 4th of July 2024

Labour Party

Labour's manifesto emphasises stronger workers' rights and skills development, proposing a ban on zero-hours contracts and the creation of Skills England to enhance training opportunities. These policies align with the growing need for skilled workers in the engineering sector, particularly as the industry adapts to new technologies and methods.

Conservative Party

The Conservative manifesto focuses on tax cuts and expanding apprenticeships. Their proposals include a 2p cut to national insurance and funding for 100,000 high-quality apprenticeships. These initiatives are designed to bolster the workforce in sectors like engineering and manufacturing, providing practical skills and experience to young job seekers.

Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats advocate for greater employee ownership and enhanced diversity measures. They propose higher minimum wages for zero-hours contracts, extended parental leave, and mandatory reporting on diversity. Such policies support the engineering industry's shift towards more inclusive and fair employment practices, which are essential for attracting and retaining diverse talent.

Regardless of the election outcome, each party has manifesto points with merits. However, will these proposals truly address the current challenges facing the engineering and manufacturing sectors? Issues such as skills shortages, regional employment disparities, and the need for technological adaptation remain significant hurdles that require comprehensive and targeted solutions.

Our view

Employment Solutions has witnessed many leadership and political shifts over the past two decades, not all of which have been positive for the sector.  This has, however, equipped us with the skills and expertise to support the engineering, manufacturing, nuclear, and defence sectors more effectively and with greater understanding. Our experienced consultants possess extensive industry knowledge, enabling us to continue providing exceptional recruitment services regardless of political shifts.

Here’s how we ensure success when political changes are ahead:

  1. Expertise: Our consultants' extensive industry knowledge and experience allow us to precisely match candidates with roles that fit their skills and career aspirations.

  2. Client Focus: With over 20 years of working together with our clients, we really understand their businesses and are dedicated to meeting their specific needs.

  3. Agility: We quickly adapt to market changes, ensuring timely placements for candidates and clients

  4. Stability: We connect candidates with clients offering longer-term positions, with highly reputable companies offering competitive hourly rates and salaries, ensuring long-term career satisfaction.

  5. Extensive Workforce Database: We have a comprehensive database of candidates, enabling us to fill even the hardest-to-fill roles with the right talent.

  6. Diverse Opportunities: Our commitment to diversity ensures a broad range of job opportunities, catering to various skills and backgrounds.

By staying abreast of political changes and adapting our strategies accordingly, Employment Solutions continues to lead in providing top-tier recruitment services tailored to the needs of the engineering, manufacturing, nuclear, and defence markets.

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