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Empowering the Future: How Employment Solutions Supports the Makers’ Manifesto 2024

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The Makers’ Manifesto 2024, championed by Britain's manufacturers, outlines key objectives to propel UK manufacturing, calling on the next Government to match their ambition for growth with a bold economic vision. At Employment Solutions, with our extensive experience in recruitment across engineering, manufacturing, nuclear, and defence sectors, we are committed to supporting these transformative goals.

Growing and Developing Future Talent

A critical point in the manifesto is the urgent need to cultivate future talent in manufacturing. With fewer than 1 in 5 firms satisfied with current government support for skills training, and a significant drop in apprenticeships, it's clear more needs to be done. We leverage our deep industry connections and expertise to meet these challenges head-on.

By fostering relationships between companies and promising young talents, we help bridge the skills gap and ensure a steady influx of skilled professionals, ready to advance the industry.

Retraining and Upskilling the Current Workforce

The manifesto also highlights the necessity of retraining and upskilling the existing workforce, especially with 61,000 manufacturing roles currently unfilled. This gap represents a potential loss of £6.5 billion in output annually. We understand the importance of not only filling these vacancies but enhancing the capabilities of the current workforce. Through targeted training and development programs, we equip employees with the skills to thrive in a changing technological landscape, thus boosting productivity and job satisfaction.

The Makers’ Manifesto 2024 calls for a bold step forward in UK manufacturing, and we at Employment Solutions are eager to play a pivotal role.

By focusing on nurturing both new and existing talent, we help our partners navigate the complexities of recruitment and prepare for a dynamic future.

Our dedication to service excellence over the past two decades has made us a trusted partner for companies across the North West.

We remain committed to the vision set forth in the Makers’ Manifesto 2024, ensuring that our region continues to lead in industrial innovation.

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