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Qualities of a Good Candidate for a Job

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​Knowing what to look for in a good candidate for a job can be difficult. It is vital to be able to recognise the traits that differentiate the average candidates from the outstanding candidates. When you have an open position, it is tempting to fill it quickly with the first candidate who meets the job description. Finding qualified candidates requires the hiring team to dig deeper and look for various ‘soft skills’, such as work ethic and personality. To find a good candidate, you will need to find someone who can fit into the company with ease and make lasting contributions to the business.

Here the experts at Employment Solutions take a look at the qualities of a good candidate for a job.

1. Positive attitude

Any role has the potential to be stressful at times, and it’s vital to find someone who has a positive attitude and does not falter at the first sign of a high-pressure environment.

Candidates who show enthusiasm in an interview, and who are willing to discuss past mistakes without becoming overly negative and critical, are more likely to approach the new role with an attitude that delivers results.

2. Team player

We know that interviewers must often hear the phrase: “I am a team player”, but that does not make it any less important. Employees who are able to work just as well as part of a team as they are independently often bring a wide range of collaborative and autonomous skills. Team players bolster the work of others and raise the overall performance of the business.

When interviewing potential candidates, ask about their previous experience working as part of a team. Pay particular attention to what role they played as part of a team and how enthusiastic they appear to be while discussing the projects.

3. Self-motivated

Self-motivated employees tend to take their own initiative and get their work done without needing constant supervision. Employees who can motivate themselves tend to manage their time well which, in turn, makes them more productive and capable of completing their projects in a timely manner.

Depending on the industry and position of the candidates, we suggest that you ask if they have had any previous experience in leading projects, or persisted with a plan with minimal direction and supervision from others.

4. Good communicator

Having employees who are unable to communicate efficiently can be frustrating. In order for a company to thrive, effective communication at the employee level is paramount. Gauge your applicant’s communication skills via email, on the phone and in person. Good communicators are able to get their point across in a succinct manner and are also able to listen and follow directions.

When interviewing potential candidates, lean towards candidates who appear open and have good communication skills, and who ask questions and welcome feedback.

5. Confidence

Candidates who meet the qualifications of the job description should be able to display confidence in their abilities. Self-assured employees are not afraid to take risks and are often willing to go the extra mile in order to achieve the best results for the business.

Strive to hire candidates who show confidence in their abilities and talents during the hiring process. During the interview process, ask the candidate about their previous roles and how they successfully handled projects. If you need to hire someone new, our expert team can help. Call us on 0161 839 53 53 or fill in our online contact form and a member of our team will contact you at a time convenient for you.