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Engineering Manager Salary Payscale

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An engineering manager is usually put on a salary payscale, which can increase over time or after promotion. This can be dependent on many factors, including the company you choose to work for and the qualifications you hold. You may also get other benefits when working as an engineering manager.

To find the best-paid jobs as an engineering manager, Employment Solutions can help. We have a range of engineering jobs, and we can help you get the right salary payscale for your experience. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the average engineering manager's salary payscale.

What is the usual engineering manager salary payscale?

An engineering manager job role usually follows a payscale, also called a salary structure, which determines your rate of pay according to seniority and many other factors.

For example, this could increase or decrease depending on whether you are a new engineering manager, or have been doing the job for a while. Your contract may also state that your salary goes up for every year you stay with the company. Every company may have a slightly different payscale, and this can also be dependent on what part of the country you are working in. Some of the highest-paying cities include London and Manchester.

An engineering manager’s salary payscale can also change depending on your qualifications. When you apply for an interview, the average base salary may already be outlined. Sometimes you can discuss the salary payscale with your employer before accepting the job. If you can make the case for why you should be paid more, it may be accepted.

In the United Kingdom, the national average engineering manager’s standard salary is £65,075 a year. This is the average salary, but you may find engineering manager salaries that are more or less than this. The payscale may increase if you become a senior engineering manager, which can happen after holding the job for a certain number of years.

Engineering managers can also apply for other jobs in the future, which could increase their salary. You may want to become a manager of a larger team, or work your way up to senior and executive levels, unlocking further opportunities to earn more.

What else can an engineering manager get except a salary?

Engineering managers often get much more than simply moving up the salary payscale. As an engineering manager, you may be entitled to yearly bonuses, dependent on how well the company succeeds throughout the year. Sometimes a bonus is given no matter what, and this will always be outlined in the contract.

A bonus may also be paid if you hit certain targets within your team. Often an engineering manager’s bonus can range from £500 a year to £15,000. This is usually dependent on the business, so is always worth discussing before starting a new role.

Some companies also provide other benefits for engineering managers, such as health or dental care. Around 50% of all engineering managers get some kind of medical care. Some companies offer dental or vision healthcare too.

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Employment Solutions can help you find the right engineering manager job for you, based on your experience and skills. We can help you identify and successfully apply for a role that will offer the right level of challenge, seniority and responsibility for your career goals, with an engineering manager salary payscale that matches your expectations.

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