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What Does It Take to Be a HR Manager?

HR Manager

Human Resources is the department responsible for managing the employee life cycle, which includes hiring, onboarding, training, and more. The HR manager needs to be able to oversee not only the well-being and happiness of employees of the company but also their own department’s successes.

Here, the experts at Employment Solutions take a look at the question: What does it take to be a HR manager?

AnchorMaintain passion

As the person responsible for the wellbeing and life cycle of the employees, a HR manager must represent the rules and requirements of the organisation. Maintaining passion for your own job will not only help to inspire others but make your role easier within the company.

HR departments oversee the hiring process for new employees and therefore must present the company in a positive light during interviews. If the HR manager has no passion for their role, there is a likelihood that the interviewee will pick up on this and could even be put off the role due to that fact.


Collaboration between the HR manager and the various other department heads and management teams is vital to the success of any company. HR managers are expected to work closely with the other departments to create and develop appropriate health and wellbeing ideas and practices for employees within the company.

A good manager is aware of the joint effort that is required when maintaining a happy working environment and looks to work with the other departments wherever possible and useful to ensure that positive practices are implemented.

AnchorHave a vision

As a HR manager, you should know all about what it takes to hire and retain employees successfully, and the responsibilities that come with your role. You need to understand that you will be responsible for your own development and also the development of the rest of the company. The leadership team will look to you to provide ideas for employee development and grow these into successful strategies for progression in the wider company.

Finding your vision is a big part of your growth as a HR manager but also that of the entire organisation. To be a successful HR manager, you will need to be at the forefront of suggesting new ideas, developing team skills, and trying new practices.


HR managers should be flexible enough to manage changes within the organisation as they happen.

Be the driving force of change within your company; keep on top of new workplace trends, and analyse culture within the organisation or the nature of any social events. Successful HR practices, by nature, involve learning and influencing change, so ensure that you are on top of this at all times.


Every HR department requires organisation, and HR professionals need strong work habits and time management abilities to be successful. HR offices should be able to set an example to the rest of the workforce, so poor time management and organisational habits must be avoided.

An ordinary day for HR can include a wide variety of tasks, including hiring, recruiting, conflict resolution, and management meetings, so self-discipline is a must in order to be successful in the role.

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