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This Is Engineering

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This Is Engineering is a campaign aimed at bringing engineering to life for young people and giving people insight into a rewarding, varied, well paid and in-demand career.

The campaign aims to show more young people what engineering looks like and how it can be an exciting and rewarding career for them to pursue.

Led by the Royal Academy of Engineering, This Is Engineering is here to show the next generation that Engineering is at the cutting edge: from robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to mobile phones, medical technology, advanced sports equipment and driverless cars, engineering is shaping the future all around us.

They want to demonstrate that Engineering is for everyone, no matter what your background is or what you love - Technology is everywhere, from technology and music right through to fashion, film and sport.

This year, the third annual  This Is Engineering campaign lands right at the start of the COP26 climate change conference. They want to use the campaign to demonstrate to the world how engineering and technology shape the world around us and how they will play a critical part in helping to address some of the biggest global challenges of our age. 

This is Engineering Day also challenges the misperceptions of engineering and inspires the next generation to join the profession with a hope that a more diverse mix of people will enter the industry in the future.

Want to know more about This Is Engineering day? Head over to their website by clicking here, where you can find a plethora of content aimed at the engineers of the future.