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Guess Who's Back?

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A few weeks ago, we had to make the heartbreaking announcement that, after eight years, Sam Worsh was leaving for pastures new.

We wished Sam all the best on her adventures into Rec 2 Rec recruitment and assured her that the door was always open for her should she want to come back.

A few weeks have passed, and Sam decided that she missed Engineering recruitment too much and has come back to Employment Solutions, joining Mark Dorey and Jacob Golding on the White Collar Engineering desk.

We're so happy to have such a valued and talented colleague back in the ranks, and Sam's already got interviews up on the board; it's like she never left.

We'll be celebrating Sams return tonight as well as our 20th Anniversary at the Holcombe Tap.

Are you looking for a new Engineering job? Get in touch with Sam here.