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Telephone & Video Interviewing Made Easy.

Business Web Meeting

In this time of lockdowns, social distancing and work from home becoming our new normal, it's brilliant to see companies adapting to the situation and still meeting and interviewing people for roles within their businesses through different methods such as web meetings and telephone interviews.


Just because you're not meeting the person face to face doesn't mean that you shouldn't treat it like any other interview. We've put together some top tips for remote interviews.


Prepare the area where you will take the interview.


video call


Please don't set up for your video interview in a messy room with tons of clutter and personal items in view as it will come across as unprofessional. Look around at what the interviewer will be able to see and try to keep it neutral, keep it clean and mess-free.


Dress for the occasion


video call


Just like any other interview, dress appropriately for it.. and no not just a shirt and tie with your joggers underneath. Make sure that you research the company and dress to blend in with the companies culture. Avoid loud prints and logos as these may distract the interviewer. Also, make sure that you are looking smart, keep your hair neat and present your best self.


Be Enthusiastic


video call


Make sure it's apparent that you're interested. If you come across as bored, restless or distracted, it may seem as if you are just going through the motions. Businesses want people that want to work for them, showing some genuine interest will take you one step closer to being hired.


Keep The Noise Levels Down


dog at door


Make sure that while you are in your telephone/video interview, the noise level in your house is key to a minimum. Turn off the TV or radio, if you can get someone to watch your children or take your dog out for a walk. Turn your mobile off, unless you're using it for the interview. You don't want anything that will distract you or the interviewer and take anything away from the meeting.


Research The Company


google search

If you don't know anything about the company, you're not going to have a good interview. That's a fact. Check out the companies background, any major news articles and head over to LinkedIn and check out who it is you will be interviewing with.


Don't Brag.



It's ok to talk about your achievements with your current and previous employers. In fact, it's something that is encouraged. But, the way you do it is what you need to look out for. Talk about how you helped the company and how you benefitted them not about how you were the best person in the business.


Being adequately prepared for an interview, remote or face to face can be the difference between you getting or not getting the job. If you want more information on job hunting, interview prep or techniques head over to our "How to find a job" page where you'll find tons of resources to help you out.