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Can I be furloughed? How furlough works for employees

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Since being introduced last year, the furlough scheme has helped pay the wages and keep millions of people who cant work across the UK in jobs.

Furloughed workers are paid up to 80% of their salary, up to £2500 a month. Employers can top this up so that the worker still gets 100% of their salary if they want to.

Can I be furloughed?

The furlough scheme pays some of the wages of those who cannot do their job because their workplace is closed or there is not enough work for them. 

You can also be furloughed if you cannot work safely due to being clinically extremely vulnerable. Or if you have caring responsibilities due to coronavirus, including childcare.

You can be furloughed whether you are on a full-time, part-time, agency, flexible or zero-hour contract. You don't need to have been furloughed before, and all of your working rights such as annual leave and parental leave still stand.

What are the rules about working when Furloughed?

If you are on Furloughed, you cannot undertake ANY work for your company during the hours you are furloughed. However, you can take on alternative employment, training or volunteer for an unconnected company.

Since July last year, it has been possible for employees to be furloughed on a flexible basis, known as a Flexible Furlough. Bringing workers back part-time and furloughing them for the hours they do not work. Employers still have to pay employees for the hours that they do work as expected as part of the flexible furlough scheme.

If you are an employer looking for more information about the Furlough Scheme, please click here.