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Heading to LinkedIn

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Five steps to LinkedIn profile bliss

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As well as having a top-notch CV to send out to prospective employers, your online presence is also going to need to able to cut through the noise on one of the busiest social networks on the planet.

If you have ever asked thought about how to get noticed on LinkedIn these five simple tricks will supercharge your profile.

1. Start at the top
LinkedIn is home to around half a billion users; that's a lot of potential rivals when you're looking for a job. Your profile is going to need to stand out, so it's worth spending some time picking out a great cover photo that expresses who you are, or maybe a branded image from your current company. There are plenty of places that you can go to get royalty-free images to use, such as and

2. #NoSelfies
How to get noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn? Although a good selfie can go a long way. You should try and opt for a  recent headshot. It doesn't have to be a professional shot, smartphone cameras have come a long way, maybe your colleague could take one for you to use. The best shots have an uncluttered background and are taken under natural light.

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3. Nail that headline
Now you have the perfect cover art and a wicked headshot its time to craft your best headline. This headline is searchable in LinkedIn, and so you're going to want to make sure it tells people what you do. Some people opt for more creative headlines such as "Out of the box thinker" or "Marketing Rockstar" and although eye-catching they're not going to bring you up in a recruiters search.

4. Be contactable
Talking about lending recruiters a hand, if you're going to put yourself out there and let us know that you are looking for a new role, please make sure you have put your up to date contact information on your profile. It is a very common thing that when people change positions, they forget to change their email address or leave an old company mobile number on their profile. It takes two minutes to make sure you're reachable.


5. Show off your skills
You want people to know what you can do right? Having just five skills showing on your LinkedIn profile could gain you up to 17 times more profile views and over 30 times more messages from recruitment consultants and potential employers. Adding skills to your profile is easy, and it only takes a couple of clicks. You can also endorse people for skills, and they might do the same for you. If you endorse someone, LinkedIn sends them a message asking if they would like to reciprocate. It's a fantastic way to network.

Extra credit
LinkedIn now also has a feature that allows you to let recruiters know that you are looking for work. You can specify the types of companies and jobs you are interested in and be found easily by the hundreds of thousands of active recruiters who use LinkedIn.

Hopefully, these tips will help get you noticed on LinkedIn and make your profile shine and get plenty of messages in your inbox. 

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