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Health secretary pledges expansion of Coronavirus testing programme


Matt Hancock has told the UK, in yesterdays Coronavirus briefing, that they are now able to extend testing to workers in specific sectors who want to be tested for COVID-19.

The health secretary (pictured) said workers and their families would be offered tests as testing capacity in the UK had ramped up to 73,000 per day.

Matt Hancock said: 

"From construction workers to emergency plumbers, from research scientists to those in manufacturing, the expansion of access to testing will protect the most vulnerable and help keep people safe."

"It's possible because we've expanded capacity for testing thus far."

This is excellent news for anyone in those key industries that have continued to go to work every day and are worried about possibly catching the virus and infecting their loved ones.

More than 40 drive-through test centres are now up and running with another 48 due to be made available by the end of the week. A further 70 mostly operated by the army will also be available from the end of the week.

Do you work in one of the critical sectors? Will you be putting your name forward to be tested?