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Tips For Those New To Working From Home

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With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, millions of people across the country are now, as encouraged by Government guidelines, working from their homes to help flatten the curve and stop the spread. 

Some people may not have worked from home before, so we have put together some advice to help get you into the swing of things.

Choose a suitable location in your home to work

If you work in an office, you can recreate this at home. If you work in a room that you would typically associate with relaxation and spending time with your family, you will likely get distracted. Your home office doesn't have to be its own room, but a dining table, coffee table or breakfast bar would all work great.

Pretend that you're going to the office

It might work for you to sit in your pyjamas all day but if you're going to be ono video calls with colleagues and clients they are going to see you. The best way to stay motivated is to keep in your routine. Get up at your usual wake up time, take a shower, brush your teeth, do the school run if you have to and then come home and get cracking with your work.

Make sure that your tech stacks up

You're going to need clear channels of communication with your colleagues and your clients to effectively work remotely. Programs like Skype, Slack, Teams and Wurkr work really well for being able to keep in touch.

Don't let social distract you

Unless you need to access social media as a part of your role, such as marketing or recruitment, it could be a good idea to log out of your socials while you work. By logging out, you remove the temptation of endlessly scrolling Insta or @‘ing your mates on Twitter.

Schedule your day

Even the most disorganised amongst us need a plan of action when it comes to working from home. It will give you a purpose and keep you on track. Without proper planning, you may find yourself doing a lot of little bits that don't add up to a lot in the grand scheme of things. Write down your plan, tick things off as you achieve them.

Take regular breaks

Just because you are working from home doesn't mean that you can't stop for lunch, make a brew or pop the washing machine on. You must take time away from the screen. Plan your breaks and make sure that you stick to them. If you have an hour lunch break, you may be tempted to spend the whole break doing your chores to get ahead, don't! Without some downtime, you will likely be flat in the afternoon.

Set definitive start and end times

When working from home, it can be tricky to switch off. Maintaining work-life balance is crucial, and all too often you can become engulfed by your work. Setting a time to start and a time to finish will help you keep the balance and let you colleagues know when they will be able to reach you.

What work from home challenges are you coming up against? Have you found anything that has worked particularly well for you?