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Employment Solutions 2019 Review

Xmas Party At Tatu



2019 was all about making Engineering, Manufacturing and Technology recruitment an easier, slicker and better overall experience than ever for our clients. And we think we hit the nail on the head.


Between a new Managing Director coming full on board, launching a whole array of new software and tech and massive shift in the way that we work (for the better). 2019 flew by in what seems like no time at all. Through it all, our clients are happier than ever, and business is excellent.


Before we get too far into the "roaring twenties" were going to have a better look back at what happened at Emp Sol HQ in 2019.


A New MD takes the reigns

Phil joined us a little bit before the end of 2018, but 2019 was his first full year with us and its been some year. New hires, new software (more on that in a bit) new ways of working and a shift back toward a sales culture within the business.


Tech, tech and more tech

We launched a whole suite of tech and software across the business, from wireless headsets to make sure our consultants aren't tied to their desks to software for formatting CVs and automatically gathering compliance information. We rolled out a new email marketing platform that helps keep us in touch with our clients, and we simplified the way our team enter data into our CRM to save them time. 


Building trust

In 2019, we began our partnership with Trustpilot. Not many recruiters are brave enough or confident enough in the service that they offer to put themselves out there on a public review site. We were that confident that we provide both our customers and candidates with a world-class service that we signed up, and it paid off.


Not only have we reached the top five for UK recruitment businesses on the platform, but we are also number one for our sector, which is a phenomenal achievement in under a year.


Giving back

One thing that we aim to do at Employment Solutions is to give back to our community and those in need. Some of the activities that we have organised this year are;


  • Various collections for a range of charities
  • Running a 10K for charity
  • We have a charity tuck shop box in the office (which empties rapidly every time its refilled)
  • A toy drive in conjunction for Cash For Kids at Xmas
  • Several collections of provisions for our local homeless outreach program (Bury Homeless Project) 
  • Sponsorship of our local rugby team, Bury RUFC.


Having a bit of Fun

At the end of the day, we are a business, but that does not stop us having our fair share of fun from Friday beers to massive Xmas parties and all sorts of other fun stuff in between. We've dressed people up as snowmen, played our cards right and eaten more dominoes that you can shake a stick at.


In summary, we had a fantastic 2019, and things are only going to keep getting better in 2020; we're just getting started.