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Jonathan Greenhalgh Internal, Recruitment

Shocktober 2019 Business Review

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Things always seem to get a little spooky at Emp Sol HQ around this time of year. The nights get longer, the temperature drops and you wouldn't be surprised to see our Technical Team Manager Mark dressed up as a murderous clown or find Sue, our Admin Manager, carving a pumpkin in the breakroom. 

It's not all trick or treating though, we had another great month and there has been lots going on across the office, with every consultant getting on the board, new clients coming online and lots of workers starting new, exciting, careers

Were still rated excellent on Trustpilot by both our clients and candidates, helping us build our trust on both fronts.

Our clients had massive success with their hiring in October and we wanted to once again tell you a bit more. Check out the video below for a full rundown!