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Jonathan Greenhalgh Social, Internal Staff

Trick Or Treat

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Halloween is a great excuse to let our hair down and to have a bit of fun in the office, this year has been no different!


Everyone was invited to come to work in a Halloween costume, we put up tons of proper cheesy decorations and we even had a pumpkin carving contest! 


There were prizes for the best costume and the best pumpkin and we asked 2 of our awesome clients to judge!


Everyone who came in costume looked great and we had everything from Boxer Dog to Pirate Wenches, even a deranged Ronald Mcdonald.


The winner of the prize for best costume was Mark Dorey he took home a £50 cash for his properly creepy Ronald Mcdonald costume! well done!

Now there's something proper satisfying about carving a pumpkin, I don't know if it's the ripping out all the insides or the art of trying to not cut your fingers off whilst carving it?


We had 8 entrants to our pumpkin carving contest and they made a right mess of the break room between them, the winner was Phil for his very carefully carved masterpiece of a Boxer Dog. He also won a £50 cash to treat himself (or us lot to a round of drinks!) Awesome work.


We hope you have a great Halloween, whatever it is you're doing.

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