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How to dress for an interview

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So your job search is going well, you've sent your tailored CV to a few jobs, and finally, the interviews have started to roll in. Well Done!

The hard work doesn't end here, in fact, we would say that its probably only just starting. Now you're going to meet your prospective employers face to face for the first time, they've probably already checked you out online, so let's impress them.

Before a syllable is uttered or hand-shaken, your interviewer will have formed an impression on you based on your appearance. That's just human nature. 

Your job is to make sure it's the right impression.

What do you wear for an interview?

This blog isn't going to tell you how to dress professionally for an interview, but give you some advice on things that you might want to avoid and ideas to research before doing into your wardrobe or hitting up ASOS.

Ask yourself what should I wear for an interview? Do some research, yes more research! Deep dive into the company culture, find out if they have an interview dress code. If you turn up in a suit and everyone that interviews you are wearing jeans you're going to feel uncomfortable. It might even come across that you haven't researched or don't understand their culture.

Make sure you're comfortable in what you are wearing, don't wear it for the first time on the day of the interview. If you're not a suit person, but the companies employees all wear suits, it's not a great idea to go and buy a brand new one. First off you won't feel yourself, you won't know how the suit behaves, does it wrinkle, are the arms to restricting, will you be too warm. 

Instead, unless explicitly told to suit up, try a pair of smart pants or skirt, a shirt or blouse and a blazer with some nice shoes. If you do absolutely have to buy a new suit make sure it's purchased well in advance in case it needs a trip to the tailors and wear it in the house to get used to how it fits.

Make sure your outfit works. You're going to want to give the impression that you've got your stuff together, so making sure your outfit is cohesive will help a ton. Avoid wearing too many colours, maybe sticking to two or three. And don't forget that any accessories, socks, bags even your brolly are part of your outfit, make sure they don't let you down.

Prepare for all eventualities, make sure your outfit is layered. This way if it's freezing you'll have a jacket or hoody and if its too hot your shirt will look ok on its own.

Final prep, make sure your shoes are smart, nails are trimmed, and your clothes ironed. Don't go OTT on the aftershave or perfume and make sure you brush your teeth.

At the end of the day, you are setting out to show the very best you. An interview is at the end of the day, your chance to sell your skills, abilities and personality to a hiring manager. Make sure your outfit doesn't take anything away from that.

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