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Jonathan Greenhalgh Internal, Recruitment

We're Hiring: Why choose Employment Solutions?

We Are Hiring
We are hiring! But why should a Graduate choose Employment Solutions? We asked a few of our team watch the video below.

Why consider recruitment as a Graduate?

At the age of 18, you are asked to commit to a formal qualification path that could / should determine the shape of your ongoing career. Ultimately over 70% of UK graduates don’t go on to work in the direct field their core qualification suggests. This is either due to a lack of opportunities, a lack of career development or after three years studying a subject the realisation it's not for you.

You will join a £40 BN industry where 95% of the successful career people have done exactly the same as you, followed a qualification route that doesn’t deliver the expected career opportunities. Even Emp Sol’s MD has a Sports Degree (ok he’s pretty sporty but still …. !!!!)

So why do Graduates do well in recruitment?

Recruitment is a professional sales environment but it’s not a phone bashing call centre. Ultimately it’s about managing your own workloads, believing in your abilities and solving complex problems. We can assure you there is nothing more complicated than a human being !! A degree or professional apprenticeship means you have had to stand on your own two feet, solve many complex problems with exams and dissertations and learn to manage your own workloads.

There is no better preparation than a degree and a good work ethic for this great career. There is also a healthy competitive edge which gives real career gratification for doing a good job, there is no better feeling than placing someone in their next career move.

What about the good stuff?

Recruitment is perfect for a Graduate as it is a meritocratic industry, if you learn, develop and apply a good work ethic yourself your career opportunities are up to you. You can also earn through the commission schemes well in advance than your friends/peer groups that may do more vocational jobs. Typically in year 1, Graduate Recruiters earn £30 – £40k but by year 3 this should be in reality £50k +. There are also tons of fun incentives wherever you go and a real team environment and ethos.

Finally why Employment Solutions?

Emp Sol is one of the only UK recruiters to offer a full learning and development program to match your career at every stage. We have nine career grades from Graduate Recruiter through to MD where if you apply yourself you have realistic opportunities for promotional prospects every year. We have further qualifications you can earn along this journey and exec level training once you get to that level.

We also happen to have one of the leading industry commission schemes with additional performance incentives to reward success, meaning you can earn more for every placement when compared to some of our competitors.

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