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Jonathan Greenhalgh Internal, Social

Employment Solutions find our purpose

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Earlier this month the whole Employment Solutions team ventured down the road to the Village Hotel to hold a special event with our marketing partners Generation Nexus. The aim of this session was to help us as a company to get down to our purpose or our "why" as Simon Sinek would call it.

The team we were given a number of tasks in the weeks running up to the event comprising of videos to watch, questions to ask and some competitor analysis online to make sure they were fully prepared for the session.

We were greeted with a drink on arrival to help loosen everybody up and then the event began, kicking off with a talk from our MD Phil outlining his ideal outcome for the day and then playing a hilarious game of top trumps Phil VS Thor to highlight what competitive advantage is and how it works.

Phil then handed over to our LD Manager Kate and Oliver from Generation Nexus who had set some tasks up for the group including to get the team working together and to bring out everyone's ideas. One particular highlight had the guys build bridges out of newspaper that had to be large enough for someone to get under without knocking off the tennis ball.

The day went really well and we got some great input from the whole group to take away and work with, we then finished the day off with a few well-deserved drinks in the bar.

Thanks to the whole team who made it such a great and successful day!