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Meet Sue as we celebrate #IWD2019

Sue Blog

Starting at Employment Solutions on the day of a REC audit. Sue quickly gained a reputation for accurate, efficient, working methods. 

When we changed our CRM system in March 2014, Sue was appointed the Project Manager due to her previous database experience, where she worked closely with all parties to ensure that the data migration was as seamless as possible. The configuration of the system which has enabled the recruiters to get on with their job of recruiting.

Sue, can turn her hand to anything and is now our Systems and Administration Manager.  However, the words 'where there is a Sue, there is a way' are often heard around the office, as there is nothing Sue cannot sort out! She ensures the smooth running of the Admin Department as well as overall responsibility for the software systems we use, CRM, Analytics, Job boards and everything in-between. 

Sue says "Things move fast in this industry, and you have to be able to adapt to new technology which is my strength and has helped me to progress in the company. We have a great team of talented people working here at Employment Solutions, and we work in a fantastic environment. Thanks to our Directors, we also enjoy ‘no expense spared’ team-building weekends, Xmas parties and lunches."

Outside of work, Sue has two sons, one of which works here ( Mike Kirk) and is a very proud grandparent to Harry!