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Jonathan Greenhalgh Internal, Recruitment

February 2019 Review

Feb Review Header

Hello and welcome to our February 2019 Business Review Newsletter!

If you like what you hear and/or have hiring needs you can get in touch on 0161 839 5353

We really appreciated the clients and candidates engaged throughout the month and wanted to demonstrate how
we invest heavily to protect and represent our clients brand by offering world-class trusted services to the key candidates
you need to run your business.  

The main topics in the review focus on

  • Feb business performance
  • Time to hire efficiency
  • A focus on Temporary / Contract workers – What Good Looks Like
  • How agencies differ in the services they offer candidates
  • Backed up with Client & Candidate Feedback Reviews

As Spring is here and Summer approaches key projects start to kick off, working with Employment Solutions will not only
help you find the talent quickly but also treat them like family.