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From Mistakes to Glory


While watching the world cup and becoming embroiled entirely in action, (how did that happen?) I began to appreciate how factors that occur in the past can help shape a more informed future. 

I began to see the flood of tweets coming through following the nail-biting penalty shoot-out between England and Columbia, particularly about England Manager - Gareth Southgate

Now for those old enough, myself firmly include in that, Gareth missed a vital penalty back in Euro '96 when England drew 1-1 against Germany, and England's hopes came to an end.

But that dark moment for him back then has no doubt fuelled a fire to study and understand every aspect of the perfect penalty.  Just sometimes experiencing something that did not go in your favour can be turned into something positive - and oh has it ever.

The day after the match a barrage of posts flooded Twitter with the hashtag: #GarethSouthgateWould, where the nation began tweeting how his compassion (even with the opposition), coupled with personal experience and excellent management skills helped bring the team through.

These skills can only be shared through past experiences and can apply to every one of us and in particular, the jobs we undertake.  Just like Gareth in '96, we all make mistakes (hopefully not with the nation watching) - but how would we learn how to do things better if not?.  Making mistakes is part of our DNA, it's what makes us human and they only lead to building a better and more rewarding career as we learn.

So next time you slip up in your day job, mark it down to experience and let it help you think differently in the future!