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Jonathan Greenhalgh Internal, Meet the Team...

You say "Goodbye" and I say "Hello"


In the famous words of the Beatles, we say goodbye and hello to changes to our team. This week sees us all settling into our temporary offices, with many exciting new job posts available including a Regional Directors position within the Rail industry. Our latest consultant Ross Atkinson says hello and is now making his mark with some interesting roles available, such as Mechanical Design Engineers in Manchester, Ross is also very keen to speak to Electronics Engineers and Embedded Software Engineers who may be looking for a move in the near future. But as one door opens, another sadly closes as we say farewell and goodbye to Mark Rothwell .

Mark has been with us for four and a half years, and in that time a lot has happened. Winning employee of the year, receiving incentive rewards, a move to retained business all while engrossing himself in the needs of the industry, clients, and candidates. He joined a company which had a few of us rattling around a big office and leaves with that same business requiring a complete office demolition and refit to create enough room to fit the team in. Mark has had some lows but surpassed by the incredible highs and plenty of great experiences (what happened in a taxi on the A666 not included).

"Employment Solutions have always looked after me, and I thank them for that. Working with Carolyn, Neil, Ian and the team has taught me an awful lot, and I leave a much better man than the recruiter who came through the door four and half years ago. Thank you for the opportunity, and thank you to my clients, candidates, and colleagues, who I have had pleasure working with during my time here. I wish continued personal and commercial success to every one of you."

Mark Rothwell

We wish Mark all the best with his new role and thank him for all his hard work and great team spirit.