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Who's Winning The War On Talent

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Recently I have experienced a tide of change when recruiting for different size organisations and I have to admit whilst there are pros and cons for both, it seems smaller companies are punching above their weight and winning the war for talent.

The distinct advantage of smaller businesses is the ability to adjust plans or tactics much faster than their larger competitors. Bringing change is quicker when fewer people are involved in the overall decision making. Whilst the larger organisations are studying options, going to the Internal Talent Manager, awaiting sign off by 4 different managers, introducing job portals, awaiting to gain HR approvals, the small business owners and managers capitalise where the larger organisations are strangled by process.

As a result, I am finding that recruitment has become more challenging however more enjoyable as the route to success is really working in partnership with clients and prospective candidates.
We have had some fantastic results recently from our Recruitment Initiative in Cyprus and Poland and have added value to our clients in sourcing and relocating quality experienced people from within Europe.

Now that the money tap has been turned on and projects are getting signed off who are going to be the winners in this War for talent?????