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Born in Ashton-Under-Lyne, Sue joined Employment Solutions in November 2011 as the Administration Manager.

Prior to this she worked in the publishing and print industry, firstly at Great Universal Stores in the Publications department, then as Branch Manager of a digital print company in the city centre of Manchester.

In 2002 Sue worked on the Manchester Commonwealth games, a once in a lifetime event where she met some great people, including the Queen.

Next Sue worked for three years as a Production Manager for a Mediaworx. In 2006 she took a job in the Production department at MEN Media and stayed there for five years.

Starting at Employment Solutions on the day of a REC audit. Sue quickly gained a reputation for accurate, efficient, working methods. Two years ago she achieved 98% in the compliance test.

When the company changed their CRM system in March 2014, Sue was appointed the project manager due to her previous database experience and she worked closely with all parties to ensure that the data migration was as seamless as possible. The configuration of the system was her responsibility and this enabled the recruiters to get on with their job of recruiting.

The Peoples Vote Award  Winner

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