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Craig Lancum 0161 839 5353
LinkedIn Profile

In a move to Manchester from Blackpool, Craig joined Employment Solutions in the latter part of 2017. As a CIMA qualified management accountant, Craig has over 15 years of experience in various finance roles before joining the team.

In his previous positions, Craig pioneered holistic improvements across many industries. He’s been instrumental in developing business processes, procedures, and deploying systems to achieve improved corporate efficiency while helping enterprises focus on their core operational activities.

Prior to joining Employment Solutions, Craig worked as the management accountant for Nationwide Laboratories, a division of National Veterinary Services. The firm specialises in diagnostic testing for veterinary practices across the UK and internationally.

In his spare time, Craig has a passion for gastronomy and is a keen culinarian. With an equal appetite for leisure pursuits, Craig loves to travel, is an avid kayaker and is a keen motorsport enthusiast. 

Employee of the year 2018

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