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Furloughed status: What it means.

furloughed employment status


On the 20th March, the government announced support for companies who were considering layoffs through a job retention scheme offering up to 80% of salary with a cap of £2500. This scheme is only available for those under a PAYE employment scheme. If you are a freelancer or self-employed there is a different package of support being made available to you.

Please note this is only available to workers that have been given “furloughed status” by their employer. You cannot decide this without your employers say so. An employee furlough is when bosses require their staff to take unpaid leaves of absence. In other words, they'll still technically be employed but won't work or get paid.(But in this case, the Government is going to subsidise 80% of wages)

To be absolutely clear to become “furloughed” you must,

  • Be employed on a PAYE basis.
  • Be given “furloughed” status by your employer.

If you terminate your employment with your employer, then you will not have access to “furloughed” status.

Please seek advice from your employer prior to taking any action.