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Developing a career in software!

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Everybody needs Software Developers and Engineers these days, from web and app development to software engineering, a Developer will be part of the process.

In Glassdoor's "Best Jobs" list from January 2019 Developer was #25 coming in with a job satisfaction rating of 3.5/5. There are around 3,000 UK job openings a month in the field, and you can look at a median salary of around £37,000 pa.

You don't have to have a degree to forge a career as a Software Developer, however, having recognised qualifications specific to the industry is essential as is expert knowledge of common programming languages like C# and JavaScript.

What skills should you develop to get a job as a Software Developer and succeed?

As well as being a natural when it comes to writing and implementing code, the following are crucial.

Up to date coding and programming skills
As a Software Developer, you should specialise in at least one programming language such as Javascript, C#, SQL and/or Python. Knowing a few different programming languages will undoubtedly be helpful.  New languages and platforms are popping up all the time, so keeping up to date will help you move forward.

Being able to work well with other people
In a job as a Software Engineer, you will work closely with Project Managers, Designers, Clients or as part of a team is an essential part of the job, being an excellent collaborator is a must.

Great testing Skills
Keep your testing skills sharp, as a Software Developer you will spend a lot of time debugging, upgrading and reiterating programs and conducting tests to monitor bugs.

A problem-solving mind.
Java, C#, Swift, no matter what the platform or language, as a Software Developer, you will be called upon to help solve problems. These could be with code and inside programmes, so having a critical and analytical mind will be very helpful.

A career in software development can offer you fantastic progression working your way up from an entry-level Software Developer to a Senior Software Engineer in an ever-changing landscape of platforms and languages. 

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