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Jonathan Greenhalgh bank holiday, may day...

Boring lockdown weekend? Don't bank on it!


It's the first bank holiday of May, that means it's now officially Spring has sprung. Being in Lockdown due to the current pandemic has taken a little bit of the shine away. Still, it won't stop the team at Employment Solutions getting stuff done and having as much fun as possible as the nicer weather gets more and more frequent.


We asked the team what they will be up too and what they would recommend to those looking for inspiration;


Getting active



Some of the team will be getting out and about, following government social distancing guidelines, to get some exercise.

  • Jonny has started his couch to 5K journey and will be running about the streets of Bury over the weekend. 
  • Hayley, our team long-distance runner, will be clocking up some miles if the weather holds out (definitely more than Jonny will)
  • Dave, our payroll manager, will be out for a long walk if the weather is nice. 
  • You might see Jacob one of our recruiters whizzing around Bolton on his bike while getting his daily exercise in.
  • Craig, our Financial Controller, will be doing some bits in his garden and around the house.


Empsol and chill


A lot of the team have been spending their time in Lockdown catching up on the latest shows and movies. Here's what they are watching and some of their top picks.


  • Star Wars Episode 9 - Disney +
  • Gangs of London - Sky Atlantic
  • The Last Dance - Netflix
  • Homeland - 4OD
  • Locke & Key - Netflix
  • The Tiger King - Netflix
  • Don't F*** With Cats - Netflix


Gangs of London seems to be a standout, being recommended by at least four of the team with one saying "It's the best thing I've seen on TV since Breaking Bad". 


All play and no work!



We have a few avid gamers in the office, here's what they will be playing over the weekend;


Jacob - Fortnite

Samantha - Call of Duty Modern Warfare

John - Fifa 20

Jonny - Minecraft (live streaming), Football Manager 20

Mark - Football Manager 20



We won't all be glued to our screens or out exercising, Craig will be brewing Belgian Witbier, we have a few sunbathers (if the weather holds out), some playing some board games with the family and most plan to have a beer or 6.


How about you?


Have you got any awesome bank holiday plans?