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Government Urges Manufacturers To Assist In Ventilator Production


The UK Government is urging manufacturing businesses to switch some of their production facilities over to assist in the manufacture of medical ventilation equipment to help with the growing number that may be needed to treat the rising number of Coronavirus patients.

The UK's Health Secretary Matt Hancock stated that the country currently has around 5000 ventilators but is predicting that the country will need many more in the coming months. Hancock said "anyone who can" should "turn their engineering minds and production lines to making them … We need to produce more."

Hancock went on to claim that the government was in discussion with companies from several industries including car manufacturers and military engineers.

On Sunday's Andrew Marr show the Health Secretary was asked how useful the additional ventilators would be without additional trained medical staff? Hancock's reply "We've got the number of doctors that we have, we want to bring people who are recently retired back into service and, for instance, release doctors from some other duties and get them back into the health service."
Manufacturers have responded with Unipart confirming that the government had approached them with a spokesperson stating: "Unipart is not currently engaged in the manufacture of medical products, although our company has significant levels of expertise in volume manufacturing, some very skilled engineers, and world-leading capability in logistics. We're pleased to be involved in such an important project and doing everything we can to help."