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What is a job board, and how do they work?

Originally, long before email, a job board was just that, a physical board where employers posted job ads with a phone number and address for candidates to apply to. No email addresses, no websites…. scary right?

Nowadays, these boards do still exist although the term "Job Board" is more commonly used to refer to websites, apps and social media sites that list jobs. This makes it easy to scroll through endless lists of available roles wherever you are. You could be on the bus, sat on the couch or even in bed... it's that easy.

What are the different types of job boards?

To start with, there are your more traditional sites like Jobsite, CV-Library and Monster. These sites are designed to allow employers to post jobs and candidates to apply in just a few easy steps, these sites are usually free for candidates to use. These types of website can be national and international with jobs from all over the world and some just for your local community, town or city.

Recruiters will also have job listings on their own websites. These are usually very similar to the larger job boards in that they will allow you to both register and apply for jobs. Some are not as advanced and will give you a contact number to call or email address to contact to apply.

More recently, Social Media platforms have been rolling out their own job search functions with LinkedIn and Facebook implementing these features really well. LinkedIn now allows you to let hirers know that you are looking for work and open to new opportunities. Facebook gives you an overview of all the posted jobs in your area where you apply with a click of just one button.

Google has also launched "Google Jobs" which makes searching for a job even easier. Their search algorithms and bots scour the internet for job posts and collating them within their search results page, making them easy to find, navigate and apply.

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What do I need to use a job board?

Although it may sound just as easy as clicking apply and sending your CV, it isn't. Job boards are highly competitive with employers having to look over 1000's of CVs, so you need to make sure that yours is going to stand out. You can find out more about making sure your CV stands out in our blog here. You're also going to want to update your CV regularly. A lot of recruiters will look at the freshest uploads first, you're going to want to make sure you're up there.

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You're going to be tempted to apply for absolutely every job that you are presented with... Don't! As Admiral Akbar said in  Return Of the Jedi "it's a trap". Make sure that you are picking out the roles that fit your skills, qualifications and interests. This way you can make sure that your application is tailored just right if you spend more time applying for fewer jobs in a more constructive way you should have a much higher success rate and land more interviews. Sending out tons of generic, shoddy applications is not only going to be a waste of your time and the employers time. 

Be sure to read every part of the application and fill in every part of the form and don't copy and paste from previous applications. Following these tips can really help you make the most of your job search and help you in your quest for your next job.

If you are actively looking for a new role, please check out our "How to find a new job" guide by clicking here.