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Alternative places to find a job


Contrary to popular belief, you have more options when looking for a job that just on online job boards ad social media. There are plenty of other places that you can look to extend your job search reach, and we’re going to take you through some now.


Even though we are well and truly into the digital age, millions of people still buy and read their news in print form every day. At one point, before the online job search behemoths took over, the classifieds section of your paper was the best place to find a new job. These classified sections still exist although the amount of jobs has decreased.

Jobs in newspapers are going to be very localised to the specific area, for example, a company in Dorset isn’t going to post in the Manchester Evening News and vice versa. You may have more luck checking out a few industry relevant trade publications, the jobs listed my be a bit more spread out geographically but all be tailored toward your industry. 

Shop Window Ads

help wanted

Sometimes there’s no better way to find a job than to just open your eyes look around you. Believe it or not, companies still hang “help wanted” or “we’re hiring” signs in their windows on the factory gates. These will often list a job title, a few required skills and a phone number to contact the hiring manager on.

Word of Mouth


Companies will often ask their staff for referrals for potential new hires. If you know someone that works at a company you are interested in there is no harm in asking. Being referred to a company by a current employee can give you chances of getting hired a significant boost.

Networking Events


Get out there and meet the people that you want to work for. We’re not saying follow them home from work and accost them on their driveway… no no no that’s a quick way to a restraining order. We’re talking about going to networking events. Take a pile of CV’s or business cards and make a good impression.

Don’t go in all guns blazing but strike up conversations, let them evolve naturally and when the time is right to ask them if they are looking at hiring in the near future as you are interested in their company.

Hidden in the code

website code

Not all jobs that are posted online are on job boards or social. Some companies want you to work for it. These jobs are usually aimed at specific skill sets like developers and programmers, but they are generally very very clever in the way that they are deployed. It’s up to you to seek them out.

One great example is this one from Flikr who hid an ad in their sites sure code while they were going through a website revamp.

website code

Meet a recruiter face to face

Us recruiters aren’t all online or just voices on the end of the phone you know. Contrary to popular belief we do like meeting you guys! A lot of recruitment businesses will have a shop front where you can walk in, others will allow you to make an appointment to come meet them and have a chat. Meeting an engaged, job-seeking candidate with an excellent skill set is a recruiters dream. So next time you’re looking for a job why not meet your local recruiter, see what they can offer you.

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