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What is the IoT?

Amazon Echo

We've previously spoken about the IIoT, but the IoT is another term that we are also hearing more and more and the questions being asked about it are; 

"what is it?"
"How does it work?" 
"Am I using it?" 

The answer to the last question is more than likely, yes you are using the IoT! 

If you use a smartphone, an Amazon Echo to play music, or you use the smart assistant on your laptop to set reminders, you are using an IoT connected device.

"So, what actually is it?"

In the very simplest of terms, the IoT, or Internet of Things, is the extension of internet connectivity into everyday objects. These objects could be a smart speaker, a sensor in a machine, a CCTV camera or non-digitalized objects like coffee machines, ovens and even livestock can be monitored by the cloud. 

"So how does it work?"

Software, usually on some sort of smart device deciphers the data sent to determine an action, like sending a notification, turning on the lights or shutting down a faulty machine. 

"How doe's this help in the real world?"

Well, the IoT has several applications in everything from home automation, elder care and in a wide array of commercial industries some examples are...

You can get in your car, set your sat nav for home and it will set your heating for the ideal temperature and make sure the lights are on to greet you.

Voice-controlled assistants are now being used to help the elderly or people with disabilities communicate with carers more efficiently. Sensors are used to monitor for medical emergencies such as falls or seizures to alert carers and get help to the person faster.

In manufacturing, machines can now be equipped with sensors to monitor their condition and prevent maintenance issues and even predict when a machine will break down.

These are just a small example of places that IoT devices are making a massive impact around the world. 

"surely it's not having that much of an impact?"

You'd be surprised!

The number of IoT devices increased 31% year on year in the year 2017, and it's estimated that there will be 30 billion devices by 2020 taking the value of the IoT to £5.7 trillion.

"So what kind of jobs is the IoT creating?"

The IoT is creating lots of jobs, and these opportunities will only grow as the IoT continually evolves. lists the top  IoT related jobs as;

- Agricultural Technologist
- 3D Printing Engineer
- Grid Modernization Engineer
- Wearable Tech Designer
- Data Security Expert
- Cloud Computing Specialist
- E-discovery Investigator
-  Intermodal Transport Designer
- Counter Hackers

The possibilities of this technology are almost infinite. The IoT is creating new sectors in the global economy, new careers paths, and it has transformed older roles into new, more high tech positions.

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