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Mark plays his cards right!


We love to have fun here at Employment Solutions HQ, whether it be Fifa at lunchtime, drinks after work or some friendly light-hearted banter over the latest flash sales incentive! (I might be pushing it a bit with light-hearted...Samantha)

This week has been no different and for Friday the team were given turns at Play Your Cards Right for hitting certain key targets throughout the morning! 

After lunch, we all sat back as everybody had their turns, some got close and some not so close and when everyone was done we had our winner! 

Once again Mark Dorey came out as the Play Your Cards Right Champion!, He seems to have great luck with card games, I wouldn't want to play poker with him.

Mark won £100 and an hour in which to spend it on himself. He decided to treat himself to a new pair of running shoes! (I'll report back on whether they ever cross the threshold of the gym at a later date!)

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