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The UK goes coal free


13:24 Wednesday 1st May to 13:24 Wednesday 8th May is a week for the history books.

Britain just went a whole week without using electricity created from the burning of coal. The last time that happened was before the first coal-fired generators opened in 1882.

The UK has plans to phase out coal burning plants by the year 2025, but this is a significant step toward reducing carbon emissions.

According to the director of the National Grid Electricity System Operator, Fintan Slye, this will become the "new normal" as more and more renewable sources of energy come onto the grid.

He went on to state that "by 2025 Britains electricity should be operated with zero carbon" This would be a massive achievement.

The majority of the energy (46%) was created by the burning of natural gas followed by Nuclear (21%)  and the rest made up of sources such as wind, biomass, solar and hydro.

Although natural gas and biomass still produce carbon emissions, it's half the amount as a coal plant would produce creating the same amount of energy.

Doug Parr of Greenpeace once said "just a few years ago, we were told Britain couldn't possibly keep the lights on without burning coal." but now coal is rapidly becoming an irrelevant fuel source which should lead to cleaner air and less impact on our environment.

This couldn't have come at a better time as last week the government advisers the Committee on Climate change advised that the UK needs to cut greenhouse gases to zero before 2050.

The seven days of no coal power has followed on from the previous record-breaking 90 hours free of coal power in April.

What are your thoughts on this great achievement?