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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind


This past October Employment Solutions launched its very first wellbeing program to run alongside our health insurance partnership with Vitality to encourage everyone in the office to get a little fitter, improve their health and promote a little bit of friendly competition amongst our staff.

We decided on using the InKin wellbeing platform as it offers an easy way to track activity and gives leaderboards and competitions that can be tailored to different metrics such as steps taken, distance and calorie burn.

To try and get as many people involved and invested in the scheme the company purchased Fitbit fitness trackers for those that didn't already have a device and added a range of prizes and incentives to be won each month for winning the various competitions that we run.

We spent the last week of September getting a feel for the apps and working out any kinks, this week was used as a benchmark to set a standard for us to try and improve over the coming months.

As October started we launched a collaborative group challenge and set a target of 3.5 million steps to be achieved by our 16 participants; prizes would go to the highest overall step count and the most improved.

We had varying levels of success with some massively boosting their step counts while others did less on average than they had during the benchmark week. Everyone had fun, and there was plenty of banter as everyone eagerly checked the leaderboard up on the TV screen in the office every morning to see if they had moved up the table. We smashed our 3.5 million step target by over half a million steps and the winner of the highest step count and taking home a £50 high street voucher was Ian Pilkington who made a huge 452316 steps for the month.

But this competition wasn't just about having the most steps, it was also about self-improvement, and the most improved percentage of steps went to Gary Gittings with an overall improvement of 24% on average he also wins a high street voucher.

A massive well done to everyone for taking part, and now we move onto the November "Team Battle" this should be an exciting competition with plenty of banter, and I'll write about it later in the month.